What are your needs?

Stilt Walking

Are you a business that needs a creative way to advertise or get attention? Why not hire a stilt walker to bring something new to your business. Perfect for Grand Openings or Big Sales.

Corporate Shows

Are your employees doing a great job and you would like them to have the time of there lives at your next party or corporate event? Then maybe what you need is one of Mr. Mikes Corporate shows.  With one of Mr. Mikes 45min stage shows he will have you holding your sides and asking for more.


Throwing a festival and not sure you want to go with the same old thing and looking for something new? If new is what your looking for then new is Mr. Mike. The only performer of his kind in all of WV. Comedian, Comedy acts, Juggling, Audience participation, Mr. Mike does it all.


Remember that time your kids had at camp that made them want to come back again and again every year.  If not then you need Mr. Mike. With a weeks full of classes,workshops,inspirational talks and shows, your kids or group will want to come back every year for the rest of there life.

Good Times

Not sure what exactly your looking for but know you need entertainment? Ask Mr. Mike. With big contacts in the entertainment world he can get you just about anything you could want. Elephants,magic acts,jugglers,mimes,dancers,fire breathers, you dream it and it can happen. I just hope you have a big budget if you want an elephant.


Do you want to learn what it takes to be a clown? Do you have people who need to learn teamwork building skills? Are you looking for something fun and different to teach your class? Mr. Mike can help. I have many options for groups or individuals wanting to learn aspects of the art of clowning, characters skills or those who are just looking for something fun and exciting to learn. I can teach you fun team building exercises that you can take with you and benefit from for a long time to come.

Menu of Workshops

Clowning Seminar - Instructed by Michael Daugherty, former Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus clowns, participants in this workshop will learn clown history; make-up application,the art of reading the audience, costume design and much much more. Above all they will receive an appreciation for this time honored craft.

Physical Comedy Intensive -Physical comedians and professional theatrical clowns Michael Daugherty will introduce participants to a world of movement and theater they may have never realized existed. They will learn how to use their bodies in new ways. They will be asked to stretch their comfort zone and learn more about themselves. Through games and exercises in partner and group interaction participants will learn trust and team work. This can be an hour long class or be extended to a week, as always the amount of time put in is equal to what you get out of it. Ages Junior High School and up. Perfect for corporate team building programs as well as theater students looking for another angle on the theater arts.

Juggling Class - Anyone can learn to juggle, yes even you. It's fun for everyone. If you are looking for something different to teach your class, or you've always just wanted to know how? Juggling has been scientifically proven to improve concentration and brain functions. Juggling is a skill you can take with you for the rest of your life. If you're interested just call or E-mail to set up the next class.